Foundation Services

New Construction

New Construction

After soils have been removed to the required depth, Foundations are formed and reinforcement steel is placed in position. When this is complete, concrete is placed to create the Foundations.

foundation repair

Foundation Repairs

The foundation of your home should be protected as it is the important basis of your home – your most significant investment. Some signs that you may need foundation repair include but are not limited to wall cracks, wall movement, floor cracks, uneven floor, and drywall cracks.


Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench with shores (props) when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. Shoring comes from shore, a timber or metal prop. Shoring may be vertical, angled, or horizontal.

block chain foundation

Block Cement Chain Wall Foundations

Block Cement Chain Wall Foundations typically consist of masonry or concrete, and the interior space is backfilled with soils that support a floor slab. Evidence suggests that during flood events the block cement chain wall foundations have performed better than many crawlspace foundations.

Wooden and Formed Concrete Column Foundations

If you live in a flood zone on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you may need to raise your home to protect it from floodwaters. High Tide Foundations, LLC offers both the affordable wood column foundations and the formed concrete column foundations.

Slab Foundations

High Tide Foundations, LLC, install thick concrete slabs that are used to construct the ground floor of a home or business. These slabs are generally classified as ground-bearing (if it rests directly on the foundation) or suspended.


High Tide Foundations, LLC offers new driveway installation, driveway repair, driveway sealing, paving, and resurfacing. We work with a wide range of available driveway materials such as concrete, asphalt, driveway pavers, or a custom brick driveway design.

pool deck and patio foundation

Pool Decks and Patios

High Tide Foundations, LLC offers patio and deck installation and repair. Whether you are working on a new pool installation and need a beautiful deck installed around it, or you need an older installation repaired. We have the experience you need!

Stamped Concrete

If you are looking for a more custom and long-lasting look to your concrete foundation, consider the stamped concrete design. With the stamped concrete design, you get unlimited color and texture options, and design flexibility.



High Tide Foundations, LLC builds custom concrete step solutions for your residential or commercial projects. With our combined experience of over 30 years, we can handle any job, big or small.